Kebelo Smoothing Treatment

Fed up of struggling with your dry, frizzy hair? Say goodbye to unruly hair and hello to frizz- free, easy to manage, smooth locks. Save yourself precious styling time and unnecessary stress with the revolutionary Kebelo hair smoothing treatment – available now at our hair and beauty salon in Liverpool Street..


Similar to the Brazilian blow dry this innovative and effective hair smoothing service transforms weak, dull hair in to hair that has bounce, volume and the ability to be easily styled!
After years of hair colouring, excess styling and chemical treatments your hair can be left damaged and prone to frizz. With this revolutionary smoothing treatment you will get fantastic smooth hair that is glossy, easy to manage and super shiny.

Before your Kebelo Hair Smoothing treatment our expert hairstylists will carry out an in-depth consultation to fully understand your hair type and condition. We will give you visual guides as to what kind of results you can expect.


Smooth Hair in 3 Steps at Body Essential Hair Salon, East London

The Kebelo ADVANTAGE smoothing treatment takes three simple steps; cleanse, treat and maintain. Using advanced haircare technology that effectively supports, strengthens and revitalises each individual strand from the inside out.
In just 60 minutes you can get perfect hair that lasts for 100 days, and you can have your hair coloured straight after.

Hair is washed using Kebelo Clarifying shampoo ensuring the removal of product and environmental build up – opening the cuticles and allowing the ADVANTAGE treatment to penetrate each hair strand to leave it tangle free.

Step 2: TREAT
The technology found in professional ADVANTAGE smoothing treatment is the most advanced formula available.
Hair is strengthened, repaired and revitalised from the inside due to the special ingredients and cuticles are sealed thanks to botanical proteins.

Included in your ADVANTAGE experience you will also take home one of the following 2 ranges.
We recommend either the Enriching or the Revitalising range, consisting of shampoo, conditioner and a weekly masque to ensure the longevity of your silky, shiny hair.



Does the Kebelo Work on Grey Hair?
Yes. It works on grey, silver and white hair colours. If your grey or white hair is especially course you will benefit from a softer feel after the Kebelo Smoothing service.
Do not be alarmed if you see a greenish tint as your treatment develops – grey hair does not have colour pigments so the minerals in the hair can appear a funny colour during the application stage. This disappears during the final shampoo when the excess minerals are being washed out.


Can I Colour My Hair After a Treatment?

Yes! For super glossy, high impact hair colouring results we suggest you have a hair colouring service after your Kebelo Hair Smoothing service – this is because your cuticles will be lying flatter and will give you extra shiny hair.


How Long Does the Service Take?

With the new ADVANTAGE treatment your service can be completed within 1 hour. Depending on your hair type and length of hair the timings can vary between 1 – 1½ hour.


Are the Products Free From Nasties?

Yes. All Kebelo products are Paraben and SLS free, with several of the ranges being completely free from all Sulphates.


Will the Treatment Make my Hair go Straight?

Kebelo ADVANTAGE is a hair smoothing system that will smoothen and de-frizz the hair. It is not a hair straightener.


For more information on Kebelo Hair Smoothing – call us on 020 7426 0622 / 020 7426 0644

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