Hair Colour Correction

Had a Hair Colour Disaster? Come Visit the Hair Colour Experts at Body Essential Hair & Beauty Salon


A hair colour disaster from a home dye kit or elsewhere is stressful, frustrating and upsetting. Fortunately, help is available from our hair colour specialists at Body Essential Hair Salon in East London.
Our hair colour technicians are fully trained in hair colour correction so can look at your hair and advise you on the best course of action to rectify and restore your hair colour.
Please do not be tempted to add hair dye on top of your hair colour as this can make the problem worse!
Seek professional help and advice immediately with one of our hair colour technicians at our hair salon in East London by calling 020 7426 0622 / 020 7426 0644.


Fixing Your Hair Colour Disaster
We are proud suppliers of Wella hair colour, a brand that is recognised worldwide for its long-lasting hair colour results. Thanks to the predictable colour results, supreme ingredients and excellent hair care this high quality brand offers makes it the perfect choice for hair colour correction services.

There are many reasons for hair colour corrections but our stylists at Body Essentials have seen them all before. Book in for a hair colour correction consultation with one of our friendly team who will identify the areas that need attention, working with you to achieve the correct colour result giving you back your confidence and stunning hair colour results.


Getting Rid of Unwanted Colour Tones in Hair

Hair colour if not used correctly can quite easily go wrong and often results in unwanted orange or brassy tones, especially after a bleaching service. Your hair tone can also look khaki coloured and flat if you have gone from a very light blonde to a darker brunette hair colour.

At Body Essential we can rectify unwanted hair tones by neutralising or adding tone to get the desired tonal effect – ensuring stunning hair colour results.


Hair Colour is Too Dark

Has your hair colour turned out too dark? To get your hair back to its former glory highlights can be added to help lighten and brighten your hair colour. In some cases if your hair colour is very dark a gentle hair cleanse can be carried out in order to strip the hair colour to achieve a lighter result.



Hair Colour is Too Light

If your hair colour has turned out too light don’t worry! Help is on hand from our friendly hair colouring team in Liverpool street’s Body Essential Hair Salon. They will change the depth of your hair colour to achieve the desired shade. This may be with a full head colour application or by adding some darker tones with lowlights.


Highlights Are Too Obvious

If your highlights or low lights have turned out too obvious or look stripy they can be broken up by adding different tones. By carefully ensuring the correct placement of foils and altering the size and texture of weave allows your skilled hair colourist to work their magic and create your perfect look!
Book Your Hair Colour Correction Appointment

To book your appointment at the best hair colour correction salon in East London – visit the hair colour correction specialists at Body Essential Hair & Beauty Salon. Call 020 7426 0622 / 020 7426 0644 or book online here

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